All The Support & Tools Superyacht Captains and Senior Officers Need to Build Their Ideal, Independent Life

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Our mission is to ensure that all Superyacht Captains and Senior Officers have a timely exit to a financially independent, ideal life on their own terms.

We do this through our unique partnership programme, which consists not only of financial vehicles and planning, but crucially also includes ongoing mentorship.

The End of Your Career Is Coming—Whether You Like It or Not. Are You Prepared?

Your use-by date in the world of the Global Elite is getting closer with each passing day.

Sadly, in 25 years of serving superyacht captains, we've seen that the majority aren't ready for the day their luxury working life ends. 5% get out on their terms. 10% might. 85% leave yachting with a pittance.

You are selling your time for money. So it's vital that you use that money to build your ideal independent life.

How much time do you have left working for the Global Elite? Time is relentless. It never stops. And once the hourglass runs out, you won't be able to turn it over again.

Your choice: act now to make the most of your remaining time serving the Global Elite. OR watch your opportunity to build your ideal life slip away.

We really hope you decide to act now. We think you deserve to be in the spotlight of your own life.

You are vulnerable:

  • Your career has an end date (It is sooner than you think.)
  • You are dispensable (Who is waiting to be promoted into your job?)
  • You may burn out (How many more years are you happy to serve the Global Elite?)
  • Your job is full of pressure & stress (This affects your physical & mental health)

You can exit on your terms

Our programme will ensure you stay committed to your financial goals.

You commit to investing in your future. We'll commit to providing you:

  1. a plan that achieves YOUR goals;
  2. qualified, reputable, transparent investment products;
  3. mentoring, consultancy, portfolio oversight, review meetings and endless encouragement.


This is life planning using financial measures.


Only you can decide what a worthwhile destination is in your life. We'll help you figure out where you want to go, how much you'll need to get there and how to achieve that in the time you have left working for the Global Elite.


You need a vehicle to get to your financial destination. We work with Momentum Global Investment Management in the UK. They are specialists in investing in funds of funds, providing a superb mix of return and risk profiles.


This is the third and most vital ingredient. We will partner with you throughout the programme. We will coach and mentor you to ensure you remain focused on achieving your goal – Your Ideal Life. This will ensure YOU succeed.

“We believe that a perceived luxurious
lifestyle is rigged against those
working in it. We are their
secret weapon to enable
them to live life on their
terms, not the terms
of others.”

—Teresa Evans—


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