Dependency Is a Double-edged Sword

video Apr 23, 2020

Someone asked me after last week's email whether I thought being dependent on a boss is a bad thing. Is dependency wrong?

No, it's not. We all start life dependent on someone. It's our default setting. There is nothing bad or wrong about that. In fact, many people happily live their entire lives being dependent on someone else.

But those people sacrifice an awful lot of control. Their lives are usually lived for them. The don't become the person they choose to be. Someone else decides the person they become.

HOWEVER (important bit coming up), your dependence on a super-rich employer who affords you a big salary and a great lifestyle is your secret weapon. Your dependency is your super power. You have a better opportunity than most people to invest and save to achieve financial freedom.

And remember:

Financial freedom = independence

Click on the player for more (including some VERY GOOD news about the economy).


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