It Matters If You Skip a Beat

Uncategorized May 14, 2020

Sticking to your plan can be hard. Even when you've scheduled your actions.

Life is busy. Things get in the way.

So you give priority to other things, especially those things that are important to your employers. (We've done it ourselves. Everyone has.)

The excuse we tell ourselves:

I'll do it later.

Besides, nobody will know if you don't work on your scheduled action. Nobody actually cares whether or not you do. Nobody cares about your plan.

Thing is:

You will know.

And believe us when we say, your future self will care. Just like you would if your heart skipped a few beats and then stopped.

So, instead of doing nothing. Do something. Maybe not the entire action. Just part of it. Anything is better than nothing. Doing nothing quickly becomes a habit.

There is no video this week. We ran out of time due to other commitments. We could have skipped the email too. Would you have noticed? Perhaps.

But we have committed to a plan to offer you weekly support on your journey towards financial and life success. We can't do a video. But we can do something: the email.

When life overruns you and jeopardises your planned action, take a moment to consider:

What smaller action can you take instead to move it forward?





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