It Matters If You Skip a Beat

Uncategorized May 14, 2020

Sticking to your plan can be hard. Even when you've scheduled your actions.

Life is busy. Things get in the way.

So you give priority to other things, especially those things that are important to your employers. (We've done it ourselves. Everyone...

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The Secret to Unlocking Your Plan

video May 07, 2020

So you have a plan? Good.

Now what?

If it's a big plan, you might decide it's too big and give up before you even start.

Here's a great secret:

The Plan is 'What'. The Schedule is 'When'.

The schedule is the key. It unlocks the worthwhile thing you...

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How to Deal with Engine Failure in Your Life

video Apr 30, 2020

Here's why most people never achieve their dreams:

1) They don't believe they can achieve them

2) They think they've left it too late

3) They give up when the going gets tough

Most people who work for the super rich don't mind working hard to...

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Dependency Is a Double-edged Sword

video Apr 23, 2020

Someone asked me after last week's email whether I thought being dependent on a boss is a bad thing. Is dependency wrong?

No, it's not. We all start life dependent on someone. It's our default setting. There is nothing bad or wrong about that. In...

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Is Somebody Else in Control of Your Destiny?

video Apr 16, 2020

People who work for the super rich have a great life. They work inside a golden bubble. The problem with that is they think it will last forever. They also think they are in control of their own lives. Neither is true.

Ask yourself this: who really...

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